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Safety ,security and health
Scientific Feed Laboratory contributes to create rich dietary culture by providing our products that realizes customer's requests
Consumers require safety especially on daily food, such as meat, fish and milk etc. It is the duty for producers to meet their needs.
Our mission to producers is that we provide safe products such as milk substitute, feed additive and animal drug that keep health of livestock.

for Safety and Security
Basics for a rich and varied diet are that consumers can eat livestock products and farmed fish without anxiety. We use well-selected ingredients and produce under stringent quality control and production control.
for Health
We don’t only develop products for livestock and fish, but also consider for environment. We maintain food-safety-chain from ingredients down to tables, and we contribute to rich food-culture.

Pursuit of further quality builds customers' trust.
It is essential that strict production system and quality control based on compliance of Law Concerning Safety Assurance and Quality Improvement of Feeds and Pharmaceutical Affairs Law. We strengthen our production system and quality control, by certificating ISO9001; by quality improvement of ingredients and products; by all-out traceability; by divided production lines.
We consider maintaining safety, security and health by providing high quality service and carrying out thorough quality control. We make further efforts for higher-grade product.

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