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Expansion of Business
 In 1967, our company was founded to manufacture a small amount of additives such as vitamins or minerals, essential sources of mixed feed. We have undertaken the fields of production and sale of animal drug, milk substitute, fish feed and so on, and the skirts of a mountain of the business will have been expanded in the ever since. Security for consumers, productivity improvement of livestock farmhouse, consideration to environment in a theme, we are always trying to produce and sell safe and high quality products with greater customer satisfaction the highest priority, by establishing the structure needed to meet various needs of customers.


Approach to Challenge in Research and Development
 It is essential that strict production systems and quality control based on compliance of Law Concerning Safety Assurance and Quality Improvement of Feeds and Pharmaceutical Affairs Law. We strengthen our production system and quality control, by getting certificate ISO9001; quality increase of ingredients and products; by all-out traceability; by divided production lines. By carrying out through quality control and high-quality service, we make further efforts for maintaining food-safety-chain from ingredients down to tables.

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